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What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Polarised Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are essential to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but not every pair is created equal.

Read on to discover the huge difference wearing polarised sunglasses can make compared to standard sunglasses, as well as our top brand picks in practice.

Advantages of Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are not only designed to provide 100% UV protection as normal sunglasses do, but also have a special coating that filters out reflected horizontal light rays.

This light reflects off almost everything, including water, cars, snow, and road surfaces, and travels straight into your eyes, which can obscure your vision and cause discomfort.

By eliminating this bright glare, polarised sunglasses enable you to drive, play outdoor sports, or simply sunbathe on the beach without eye strain, squinting, or fatigue, making your visual experience much more enjoyable.

Serengeti Sunglasses

We are proud to be one of the only stockists of Serengeti sunglasses in our local area, making them a unique offering for our patients when it comes to polarised sunglasses.

Their advanced lenses are designed to combat all 4 types of glare:

· Blinding

· Distracting

· Disabling

· Discomforting

With their patented technology, the light that reaches your eyes can also be finetuned to reduce blue light transmission and enhance colours and contrast.

All Serengeti sunglasses feature photochromic technology too. This means that they instantly adapt to changing light conditions, ensuring they always give you the best clarity of vision.

You can find out more about Serengeti sunglasses, including the frames themselves, here.

SALT sunglasses

SALT is another of our favourite brands for polarised sunglasses, investing plenty of time and effort into developing advanced lenses. They are committed to using only the highest quality Japanese light filters, which feature precise molecules that filter out harmful light.

This means they are able to achieve the best possible balance of reduced glare and eye strain, and increased contrast to give your eyes a high-quality visual experience.

They also provide different lens tints which are suited to various environments, ranging from water, snow, woods, dense cities, and driving activities.

As an independent, premium brand, SALT is constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new technologies, which is why we, and our patients love them so much.

Get in Touch

Along with having some of the most unique collections of sunglasses on the high street, we are also able to fit them with either non-prescription or prescription polarised lenses. If you require prescription lenses, we will use our state-of-the-art digital measuring device, the Visioffice X, to fit your lenses to your sunglasses frames.

This works by placing your chosen frames on you with special markers attached to them, so we can take 11 different measurements at an accuracy of tenth of a degree for each eye and using 3 cameras, take images to create a 3D reconstruction of the eye-lens combination.

This, combined with your prescription, provides us with statistically accurate data to show us how you use your eyes, analyse your posture, and see exactly where you look through your glasses, resulting in sunglasses that are tailored uniquely to you for even clearer and more comfortable vision.

Contact us to book a complimentary frame and lens styling consultation at our independent opticians in Cobham, and let your vision be transformed this summer by polarised sunglasses.

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