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Our top eyewear picks for spring

Spring is officially here, and we couldn’t be happier! It’s the season for fresh starts when we can finally shake off the heavy weight of winter. These new beginnings come in many forms, and updating your eyewear wardrobe is one of them!

We’re known for having the largest collection of luxury, independent brands in Cobham and are committed to providing eyewear for the individual rather than the masses. So naturally, our top 3 eyewear picks for spring - Mr Leight, SALT and DITA - reflect this and align with the latest eyewear trends 2023 has to offer.

Read on as we delve a little deeper to find out what makes these eyewear brands unique.

Mr Leight

Mr Leight, founded in California by Larry Leight - the Founder of Oliver Peoples, and his son Garrett Leight who runs his namesake brand, is a near-perfect union of seasoned expertise and bold entrepreneurship. As the owners of two well-known and loved eyewear brands, they joined forces to create the premium collection Mr Leight.

This luxuriously low-key collection is inspired by the Hollywood lifestyle, offering frames that are unmistakably rooted in classic designs, yet delve into cultures and subcultures, bringing unique designs featuring bold, earthy and organic colours to life.

Each pair is hand-crafted in Japan, with unrivalled finesse by master craftsmen who have worked with Larry Leight for decades. They use only the highest quality materials like their precious metals for gold-plating, titanium for its durability, and the best quality acetate for a glossy, natural finish.

With a meticulous process that speaks volumes about the brand’s values, you’ll appreciate the fine metalwork on the temples, bridge detailing and flawless hinges too, resulting in subtle yet distinctive masterpieces that are an absolute pleasure to wear and look at.


SALT Optics is a company that looks to nature for inspiration. Its designs are clean and uncomplicated, with its refreshing style escaping at each curve and hinge. The colour schemes, often in complementary two-tone schemes feel as if they are uplifted from the great outdoors.

Also hand-crafted in Japan, SALT offers designer glasses that display both grace and finesse that effortlessly encapsulates the natural world.


DITA eyewear is for the audacious among us. Unapologetically brazen, DITA is the type of company that speaks in capital letters, and rightly so. DITA’s luxury styles range from timeless classics to niche statements and have gained somewhat of a cult following from celebrities and fashion aficionados alike. There are really no other frames like these.

DITA has been kicking up a storm since 1995 and continues to do so. Expect only the highest of quality materials from DITA eyewear, with each frame created with high-grade beta-titanium, and acetate that is buffed to perfection, along with gold-plating for that distinct luxurious feel.

DITA also bases all its manufacturing in Japan, so you can be assured of artisanal craft that surpasses all expectations by working lightweight comfort, design and strength into each frame.

We’re proud to be exclusive authorised stockists in Cobham of the full DITA collection - not to be mistaken with the DITA Lancier collection, which is their more mainstream range.

Get in touch

We’re proud to be the only true independent opticians in Cobham – something which has been recognised within our local community since we first opened our practice.

Our knowledgeable, friendly team not only specialise in personal frame styling, but exceptional eyecare, supported by our resident optometrist Sachin’s investment into the latest diagnostic and glasses fitting technology. This ensures our patients walk away completely satisfied with the perfect pair of glasses and the best vision and eye health possible too.

We have plenty more eyewear styles in practice this spring, so please do get in touch to arrange a frame styling consultation, or book an appointment for an eye exam with us today.

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