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Stylish Glasses look Great but are you tired of having to wear them all the time? Or do you find they get in the way for certain activities like Sports? Don’t worry, help is at hand in the form of Contact Lenses!

There are hundreds of Contact Lenses on the market but as an Independent Opticians we are able to pick and choose the Best Lenses without any restrictions from a headoffice. With our Expert Knowledge we can provide you with the Perfect Lens Options to suit your Lifestyle Requirements. Your Contact Lens Consultation will always include free Trial Lenses so you can experience them for yourself first before actually committing to buying them. 

If you have previously been told you are unsuitable for Contact Lens Wear or if you have had to stop wearing Contact Lenses due to Discomfort, it could be because you have an underlying Dry Eye issue. Here at The Optical Co. we are able to investigate and diagnose Dry Eye and help you to manage the condition so that Contact Lens Wear may become an option again.

Types of Lenses:

Daily Disposables

Simply put them in, wear them as advised and then throw them away! Daily Lenses are never re-used which makes them the best Lens Choice for Preventing Eye Infections. They are suitable for First Time, Full Time or Occasional wearers.

They can now even be recycled to help the environment.

2 Weekly and Monthly

Great for full time wearers and higher prescription requirements. Also a more cost effective option compared to Daily Disposables. They require more care than Daily Lenses as after wearing them they need to be cleaned and stored away with fresh solution in a case. 

Toric Lenses (For Astigmatism)

All because you have Astigmatism doesn't mean you can't get sharp vision out of contact lenses. Toric Contact Lenses correct Astigmatism and are available as Daily Disposable, 2 Weekly, Monthly and Multifocal lenses.


Multifocal lenses allow you to see at all distances clearly and are perfect for people entering Presbyopia (who need reading glasses). These are available as Daily, 2 Weekly, Monthly and Toric lenses. Multifocal Lenses can be a little trickier to fit, but that’s no problem as our Optometrists are Highly Experienced in fitting a Wide Range of Lenses.

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