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The Optical Co.





Urgent Minor Eye Condition Appointments:

We try to keep urgent appointments available every day for people experiencing any redness/ discomfort/ flashes of lights or new floaters. Our Optometrists have additional accreditations to enable them to carry out this type of appointment. 


Dry Eye Clinic:

If you suffer from sore, red, gritty, watery eyes and variable blurry vision, you may have a condition called ‘Dry Eyes.’ Our highly experienced Optometrists can investigate your specific symptoms, determine the cause (there are different types of Dry Eye) and develop a treatment plan to improve your discomfort.

Bespoke Lenses using the Visioffice X:

The most Advanced and Accurate equipment available for dispensing both Single Vision and Varifocal Lenses. We are the only Opticians in Cobham who have the Visioffice X and it is available to all patients including children. Please see our Visioffice X page for further information. 


Frame Styling Consultations:


You are welcome to try on as many frames as you like and take as long as you like! Our Dispensers are passionate about our collection of carefully selected brands, and can talk you through the options to help you find your perfect pair of glasses.

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