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Experience an eyewear styling consultation at our boutique opticians

Updated: May 16, 2023

We believe that your eyewear reflects who you are – which is why we value frame styling consultations as much as we do eye exams. The fit and comfort of your frames and lenses affects how clear your vision is, making it important to choose the perfect pair for your needs. For us, it goes much deeper than simply getting you to browse our frames and fit you to the ones you like.

We’re proud to offer a personalised frame styling consultation service to ensure every one of our patients finds glasses and sunglasses that feel and look good, taking into account a plethora of qualifying parameters to help us achieve this.

What is an eyewear styling consultation?

Think of a frame styling consultation at our boutique opticians in Cobham like a personal shopping experience. As you browse our collection of luxury eyewear, we want you to feel relaxed, at ease and comfortable and invite you to take as long as you need. After all, high-quality frames deserve an equally high-quality fitting experience to ensure you walk away with eyewear you love to wear.

The Optical Co. have luxury eyewear collections exclusive to us in Cobham. For example, the DITA main collection and Tom Davies. Being the only stockist for Hublot eyewear in all of Surrey, your extra special personalised shopping experience is only enhanced further, especially as these are all brands you won’t find anywhere else on the high street!

We’re also happy to provide bespoke options in some collections for luxury glasses brands with customisable colour, frame style and bespoke material options such as natural horn to help you find a pair of frames that truly allow you to express yourself.

An experience tailored to you

While many opticians have different staff members doing the pre-screening, actual eye test, and glasses dispensing, we like to put extra care and consideration into the patient journey with a fully qualified team who are passionate about delivering continuity of care. This means we can build trust, understanding and ultimately a long-standing relationship with all our patients, where all their needs are met without any miscommunication.

Sachin, our main optometrist, and co-owner will be with you every step of the way – from the pre-screening, through to the eye exam, as well as the dispensing after, with another member of staff usually available to help you out too. Sachin is also in control of our appointment bookings which enables us to have a longer consultation time than any other opticians in the area so we can maintain a relaxed atmosphere and personal service throughout the whole appointment which you can’t get anywhere else. Sachin spends around 40 minutes getting to know every patient in the testing room, making sure he truly understands their vision, lifestyle, and eyewear needs, so he can also relay this in detail to the staff member who may be helping him out.

Once we’ve helped you choose your ideal frames, our state of the art measuring device - the Visioffice X - takes up to 11 different measurements for each eye as opposed to the 2 used with older fitting methods. We also use the Visioffice X to not only consider your eye shape, but also how you wear your frame, your posture and where you look through the lens.

This is all part of the personalised experience we deliver at The Optical Co. being able to produce lenses that sit in exactly the right place to offer the best vision possible.

Get in Touch

We welcome you to visit our independent opticians in Cobham for your personal frame styling consultation, so you can begin your journey to wearing eyewear you’ll love to wear for years to come.

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