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Visioffice X – In the Spotlight

Not all glasses are made equal, and for us, that difference in quality all starts with the fitting process. This is why we have invested in the most up to date, digital measuring device available to accurately fit your glasses – the Visioffice X.

Whether you have single vision glasses, varifocals or high prescription glasses, the Visioffice X offers a truly bespoke service for people of all ages, that factors in your unique eye anatomy and visual behaviour to create the perfect prescription eyewear for your needs.

This exclusive technology isn’t available everywhere though – we are the only opticians in Cobham to offer the Visioffice X as part of our glasses dispensing service!

So, what can you expect from your Visioffice X experience with us?

Bespoke By Design

Your prescription is always tailored to your vision but often, particularly with varifocals, this isn’t enough to ensure that your glasses will provide clear, comfortable vision. Common problems with varifocal glasses include having to adjust your head or glasses position whenever you switch your focus. This is to accommodate the different lens corridors in your glasses for near, intermediate and distance vision.

Visioffice X is designed to help adapt your glasses to your visual needs rather than forcing you to adapt your behaviour to your glasses. It does this by capturing up to 11 different measurements at an accuracy of one-tenth of a degree for each eye. We have found that this provides greater accuracy than other dispensing methods, including the traditional measurements with rulers and even iPad apps.

How Visioffice X Works

The Visioffice X is both accurate and safe, giving you the chance to have a socially distanced glasses fitting. All you need to do is stand in front of the Visioffice X screen and we will place your frames on you with special frame markers attached to them. Then, the Visioffice X will get to work for you!

Using 3 cameras simultaneously, a 3D reconstruction of the eye-lens combination will be created from multiple views. The frame markers allow the Visioffice X to statistically analyse your posture and measure your near vision so we can understand how you use your eyes. It also measures the exact position of your optical centre, so we can see exactly where you look through your glasses. This is especially important, as the same frame can sit differently on every individual, meaning the optical centre will never be the same from person to person.

Together, these measurements offer significantly improved clarity of vision and make it easier for you to adjust to your new glasses lenses. The Visioffice X also allows us to display the results in front of you, which means we can then talk you through them, and what you will be able to expect from your vision through your new glasses.

Why not visit us at our opticians in Cobham for a complimentary frame styling consultation today? With a bespoke glasses fitting that far surpasses other methods for accuracy and convenience, better vision really is just around the corner for you!

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