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Serengeti Polarised Sunglasses

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Why choose polarised sunglasses from Serengeti Eyewear?

If you’re looking to take in the sunshine this summer, wearing sunglasses that offer

100% are a must. However, you’ll require more than that if you want to avoid the sun’s

blinding glare too — and this comes in the form of polarised sunglasses.

What are polarised lenses?

If you’re weighing up the choice between polarised vs normal sunglasses, it’s worth

remembering that only polarised lenses filter out horizontal light, which is what causes

glare. This horizontal glare reflects off surfaces like tarmac, car bonnets, water, and snow and straight into your eyes, causing discomfort and even temporary blindness

at times.

Eliminating this glare means you’re less likely to experience eye strain and reduced

vision when in bright sunlight. For our expert dispensing opticians, this is where

Serengeti eyewear comes into the picture, offering some of the world’s best

sunglasses with advanced polarised lens technology.

The Serengeti story

Serengeti was founded in 1983 by leading American tech company Corning. The goal

was to develop sunglasses tailored to the visual demands of drivers and pilots. Today,

this also includes meeting the needs of those who enjoy outdoor sports and anyone

looking for the very best in sun protection.

Serengeti is renowned for its innovative products. Highlights include the highly popular

Serengeti Drivers® lens that enhances colours and contrast, the award-winning Polar

PhD™ 2.0 lens that withstands considerable impact and temperature changes, and

most recently the elegant yet strong Volare foldable sunglasses. What really sets

Serengeti apart though, is their polarised lens technology.

Serengeti technology

Serengeti’s polarised lenses eliminate all 4 types of glare: blinding, disabling,

discomforting, and distracting. What’s more, their patented Spectral Control®

technology finetunes the light reaching your eyes to reduce blue light transmission and

enhance colours and details. This is especially ideal for anyone who struggles with

depth perception when partaking in outdoor sports like golf, drastically improving your


The fact that all Serengeti sunglasses also combine photochromic lens technology to

instantly adapt to changing light conditions, means you’ll be able to enjoy the most

enhanced visual experience whatever you’re doing, with clarity like you’ve never seen


What about Serengeti frames?

Serengeti’s innovations are built to withstand the test of time, so it will come as no

surprise that their stylish frames are also designed to be timeless, with frames made from the highest-quality materials including titanium, Nylon TR90, and acetate manufactured from cotton. The lenses are also built with superior quality— made from super-strong, lightweight Trivex, or extra thin borosilicate mineral glass, for a lighter, more comfortable, and durable pair of sunglasses.

See and feel the difference for yourself when you come in for a free, frame styling

consultation at The Optical Co - your Serengeti sunglasses stockists and independent

opticians in Cobham. Contact us today to book your consultation and begin the journey

to transform your vision this summer.

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