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What Makes Our Eye Exams So Unique?

Regular eye exams are an important part of keeping eyes and vision healthy, and we are proud to say that our eye tests in Cobham are among the most advanced and personalised to be found on the high street.

Since opening in early 2020, our independent, family-run practice, founded by owners and optometrists, Sachin and Jeenal Nath, has truly become a part of the local community, and we value the relationships we have been able to build with each and every patient.

This is a result of us having the freedom to offer everyone as much time as they need for their eye exam, in a relaxed and friendly environment, rather than trying to rush through as many appointments as possible in a day.

Our experienced lead optometrist and owner, Sachin, is committed to providing patients with continuity of care.

In other words, this means having peace of mind that our optometrists will be able to see each patient through every touch point in their journey, making it a truly bespoke experience; from pre-screening to the eye exam itself, dispensing glasses, and even giving advice over the phone if there are any queries after visiting us.

This highly personalised service allows us to go above and beyond for everyone that walks through our doors and is exactly what sets us apart from other opticians in the area.

We offer both Advanced and Signature eye exams, but what exactly does this mean?

Advanced Eye Exam

Our Advanced eye exam includes all the usual assessments required for a comprehensive check-up, including verifying a patient’s prescription, using a slit lamp to assess the health of the front of the eyes, measuring eye pressures, how well the eyes are working together, muscle balance and tracking.

However, what makes this eye exam unique is our Optomap ultra wide-field retina scan. We were the first opticians in Cobham to install the Optomap earlier this year and have since found that our patients really value the in-depth analysis of their eye health that this state-of-the-art piece of equipment can provide.

This non-invasive scan is able to capture panoramic images within seconds that show 80% of the back of the eyes, compared to the 45% that is traditionally seen with older retinal photography methods.

The results are instantaneous, allowing us to detect the earliest signs of eye diseases that can seriously impact vision, like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Find out more about the Optomap scan here.

Signature Eye Exam

Our Signature eye exam includes everything offered with an advanced eye exam, plus a 3D OCT eye scan. This gives us a detailed cross-sectional view of the different layers of the retina at the back of the eye, so we can literally see what’s going on beneath the surface. Being able to see this allows our optometrist to detect even the most minute changes, including early signs of diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetes.

These eye conditions are typically asymptomatic in their very early stages, so using advanced retinal scans like these are essential for early intervention and treatment to protect vision.

Frame Styling Consultation

To us, choosing the most suitable frame in terms of size and shape, and taking accurate dispensing measurements to ensure it fits correctly is just as important as an eye exam, as even an accurate prescription won’t give an individual clear vision if their frame measurements aren’t taken correctly.

Our investment in the latest technology plays a huge role in guaranteeing we can dispense the perfect eyewear. The Visioffice X is exclusive to our opticians in Cobham and allows us to capture up to 11 different measurements at an accuracy of one-tenth of a degree for each eye to help adapt glasses to a patient’s visual needs. You can find out more about the Visioffice X here.

In terms of our eyewear collections, as the owners we know every single frame we stock, so can advise on what is available in different colours and sizes, as well as extra models we have in the back or being ordered, making our frame styling consultation a very efficient and personal experience for adult and children alike.

Once a patient has chosen their frame and it has been made up with their new prescription lenses, we’ll book them in for a collection appointment with one of our professional members of staff. This is essential to recheck the fitting of the frame and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they feel comfortable, and that the patient is looking through the correct part of the lens for complete clarity of vision.

We understand that once a patient takes their glasses away and starts wearing them regularly, they may become a little loose over time due to general wear and tear. So, as part of our efforts to provide continuity of care, we also welcome all patients to come back whenever they need to for frame adjustments.

Book An Appointment

To book an Advanced or Signature eye exam, or a complimentary frame styling consultation, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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