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Why choose Bollé sunglasses for winter sports?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

With quite a few of you having taken up cycling this year and many of us crossing our fingers for the opening of ski resorts across Europe in 2021, we’ve recently had a lot of interest from customers about our Bollé eyewear range!

We’re big fans of Bollé sunglasses for sports, including cycling, skiing, and golf. So, what’s the story behind this leading sports eyewear brand?

Where did it all start?

Launched in 1888, Bollé was a key innovator in the eyewear industry from the outset, pioneering the use of new materials to create the very best in performance sunglasses. Thanks to this, they quickly grew to be one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of performance eyewear.

One of the most pivotal moments in this renowned brand’s history was when they revolutionised skiing with the launch of the first-ever Bollé ski goggles in 1960, fast becoming the go-to for skiiers worldwide.

Just before unveiling their ski goggles, they also introduced the first Bollé cycling sunglasses – the Nylon Grand Sport - worn by 3 times Tour de France winner Louison Bobet. Bollé has been a fixture in the peloton ever since, and currently supplies Romain Bardet’s AGR2R La Mondiale team.

Outside of snow sports and cycling, Bollé has been the chosen supplier of performance and prescription eyewear for a number of professional athletes from the worlds of golf, sailing and triathlons, including the British Sailing Team since 2014!

What sets Bollé sunglasses apart?

Bollé’s sunglasses and ski goggles feature a range of high-tech features that will help you get the most out of your sport.


  • Made from fused nylon and metal for a strong and lightweight design

  • Designed with spring and absorber hinges to help the frames adjust for the perfect fit whilst absorbing shock at the same time

  • Have unique thermo-grip temples and nose pads to prevent frames from slipping


  • Offer 100% UV protection

  • Have various tint options to suit different light conditions

  • Offer option of HD polarised lenses to block all reflections from the sun for enhanced contrast and depth perception

  • Available as prescription or non-prescription

Phantom+ Lenses:

While polarised lenses are a great option for cyclists and golfers, for those of you who are keen on snow sports, Bollé’s Phantom+ lenses might be just what you need. These are the brand’s highest performance lenses, and for good reason, offering:

  • A semi-polarised film (50%) to get rid of distracting glare while providing adequate light transmission for easy differentiation between ice and snow

  • Advanced photochromic (light adaptive) technology, allowing them to quickly adjust to any light condition

  • Exclusive LTS Technology (Low Temperature Sensitivity), to support light activation whether the temperature is sub zero or 20°C

If you’re thinking about investing in a world class pair of sunglasses that will improve your sporting performance and withstand the test of time, Bollé is definitely for you. Visit us at our practice in Cobham for a frame styling consultation or contact us online for more information!

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