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What makes our eyewear brands so unique?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

We make a conscious effort to carefully choose the luxury eyewear brands we carry so that our patients can enjoy the best quality eyewear currently available. In fact, we’re proud to be the only ‘owner led practice’ in Cobham.

This means, with Sachin and Jeenal as fully qualified optometrists and our practice owners, we have full control over what we stock rather than being tied down to brands managed by external headquarters who aren’t really invested in what you want to offer in practice.

We appreciate having both male and female input from them when deciding which frames to stock too. Sachin in particular is really creative and has a great eye for detail and design. Did we mention he also creates bespoke lens shapes for rimless glasses? With such a wealth of experience, you know your eyewear styling will always be in good hands when you come to see him!

Since opening the practice, we’ve learnt to be brave and to choose a range of shapes and colours to ensure we can cater to all tastes and offer something different. Much of the research is carried out online, although once we can go to trade shows again, we will be travelling to see the latest collections across the world.

Once we have decided on a range to stock, we then arrange a meeting with the eyewear representatives to handpick each frame that we want to feature in practice.

We also listen to feedback from our customers and have carefully curated our collections to match what they feel is missing when it comes to independent eyewear brands in Cobham. Taking the time to do this has paid off, as we’ve received many compliments about our frame ranges, old fashioned customer service, and bespoke options - something we’re really proud of.

Read on to discover more from our Q&A session with co-owner and optometrist Jeenal about exactly what exclusivity and quality of eyewear brands mean to her and for the practice.

Why is having exclusivity on specific eyewear brands important to us?

We’ve secured exclusivity on all our brands so that we can offer our customers frames that they won’t find elsewhere in the area. Dealing with independent brands is truly what sets us apart from the other opticians on the high street.

The eyewear we stock is catered towards the individual rather than the mass-produced eyewear you might find in other independent or chain stores because we respect that each person has unique needs and expectations. This is also reflected in our clinical services like our eye tests, which are tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Which brands do we currently offer in practice which are exclusive to us?

All our brands are exclusive to us in Cobham. For example, we are the only practice authorised to sell the full DITA premium collection, as well as Mr Leight, Maybach, Kirk & Kirk, and Hublot, to name just a few.

What do our collections offer that makes them unique from other more mainstream eyewear brands?

When we pick eyewear, our priority is to look out for how well each frame is made and how the styles differ from the other collections we stock so that we don’t have lots of really similar looking frames.

Most of our frame collections are handcrafted, meaning that a lot of time and attention goes into ensuring every single frame is just right.

Each of our collections has its own USP, for example, Kirk and Kirk make their own acetate and are famous for their bright, bold colours, while Mr. Leight frames are hand finished in Japan and have their signature metal embellishment on the arms, while Tom Davies creates bespoke frames to fit each person perfectly as well as being customised to one of over 80 different colour ways.

Many of our other brands, from Gotti to LGR World, and Catherine De’ Medici use luxury materials like gold plating, natural horn, 3D printing and Mazzucchelli acetate and unique colouring, which ensures there is an abundance of style options, as well as the guarantee that your frames will endure the test of time thanks to the high-quality production.

Our aim is to offer patients more choice when choosing their eyewear and with our bespoke service the options really are endless!

Are there any new brands in practice?

We recently introduced the Linda Farrow eyewear collection and are currently the only stockists in Surrey. We’re excited to see what other niche brands we’ll be able to source in the future, so keep a lookout on our social media pages and our website for updates!

Get in touch

We’d love for you to visit us and see exactly why we are so passionate about our eyewear and what being independent is all about. Book a complimentary frame styling consultation at our opticians in Cobham - we’re confident you'll love the exclusivity of the brands we carry.

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