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Up Your Ski Game with Bollé Shifter Sunglasses

As one of the leading sports eyewear brands, Bollé consistently delivers when it comes to technology and innovation. So, it comes as no surprise that Bollé has collaborated with some of the best skiers in the world, including French champion Alexis Pinturault and Olympic Gold medallist, David Wise.

Alexis Pinturault Bolle

Equally as popular with our own customers as with elite athletes, Bollé truly offers the very best sunglasses for skiing, cycling and more. Let’s take a step back for a moment and look at where Bollé first started, as well as what makes the latest collection in our independent opticians in Cobham so unique.

Bollé’s Roots

Established in 1888, Bollé has been a pioneer in crafting high performing sports sunglasses, taking the time to source the latest and best materials to deliver this.

Bollé ski goggles and ski sunglasses in particular are designed with a host of high-tech features made to enhance your sporting performance.

Their frames are lightweight thanks to the fused nylon and metal they’re made with, while spring and absorber hinges act as shock absorbers to counter any impact while in action. These hinges also allow the frame to adjust to your face shape, along with thermo-grip temples and nose pads for a comfortable and close fit to prevent slippage.

Bolle View

A good frame must have lenses that perform to the same standard, and Bollé sunglass lenses are no exception.

Offering 100% UV protection, with various tint options available for different light conditions, and HD polarised lens technology to eliminate all reflections and glare to improve contrast, Bollé lenses are built to withstand and perform in almost every outdoor environment.

Bollé Shifter Sunglasses

Now, we’ll take a closer look at Bollé Shifter sunglasses - one of the brand’s latest innovations and in our opinion, possibly among the best sunglasses for skiing, and a range of other sports, including cycling.

Shifter Sunglasses for Cycling

Design inspiration for these sunglasses comes from the Bollé Chronoshield, but it’s their upgraded innovation that makes them real winners. Bollé shifter sunglasses are larger than standard sports sunglasses, with a wrap around shape that provides the wearer with an excellent field of vision.

Their curved temples give you the best view and the lenses are vented, reducing fogging to combat obscured vision when out on the slopes or cycling on the road. They’re super-lightweight too, with rubber nose pads that give the firmest grip, along with superior comfort.

Phantom+ Lenses

What makes Bollé Shifter sunglasses and ski goggles really special is their highest performance lenses - Phantom+.

Bolle Phantom

Phantom+ lenses are designed to give you the best possible vision on snow. Their advanced photochromic technology allows for speedy transitions in changing light conditions, so you can benefit from having the best vision regardless of the weather. This has been taken to a new level with Bollé’s LTS (Low Temperature Sensitivity) technology to support light adaptivity even in sub zero conditions.

Phantom+ lenses also have a semi-polarised film to eliminate glare and in order to make it easier to differentiate between ice and snow.

Book Your Free Frame Styling Consultation

Our latest Bollé ski goggles and sunglasses could be just what you need to up your game, or if you’re lucky enough to be going away during the ski season. Why not get in touch to book a complimentary frame styling consultation at our opticians in Cobham to find yours?

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