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Transitioning to autumn – driving safely in the face of glare

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As summer turns to autumn, with the sun lying lower in the sky, glare and blinding light becomes more prevalent in the early mornings and evenings. This can affect you when you’re going about your daily activities outdoors. Ahead of Road Safety Week, we especially wanted to shine a light on how you can drive more safely this autumn with Transitions glasses.

Don’t swerve a sight test

How safe a driver are you? No matter your skill, driving safely becomes more challenging when faced with bright sunlight or glare from headlights, and requires regular monitoring to ensure your eyesight is in good shape. This is the central focus of the UK Association of Optometrists’ campaign, ‘Don’t swerve a sight test’.

Poor vision causes around 2,900 road casualties per year in the UK. This isn’t just dangerous, but if your vision is below driving standards, it is also illegal to drive. So, first things first, make sure you keep up with your regular eye exams and have an up to date prescription. It’s crucial that you wear glasses for driving if you have been advised to do so by our optometrist.

With that checked off your list, you can then invest in glasses with lenses designed to make your vision clearer and more comfortable when driving or dealing with changing light conditions.

Lens options

These are our top 3 Transitions photochromic lenses to help you see with more clarity and comfort by reacting to the changing light conditions around you:

1) Transitions

These are classic photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight outdoors and quickly fade to clear indoors, which reduces glare for more comfortable, clearer vision as you move from outside to inside and vice versa throughout the day.

2) Transitions XTRActive

Standard photochromic lenses darken in response to UV light, but most car windscreens block out UV light. The advanced design of XTRActive lenses means these lenses darken even when you’re in the car as they respond to both UV light and visible light. This results in a significant reduction in glare while driving, which is great news now that autumn’s low-lying sun has arrived.

3) Transitions Style Mirrors

These lenses offer all the benefits of XTRActive lenses – UV protection, glare reduction and light-sensitive tints outside and in the car – with the added style feature of a mirror effect when the lenses darken.

Find out more about our transitions glasses options by getting in touch with The Optical Co, your independent opticians in Cobham.

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