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Our Top Children’s Designer Eyewear Picks for spring!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

When it comes to children’s eyewear, there’s a lot to consider. It isn’t just about style, it’s about the fit, comfort, and durability of frames too. Your child should love their glasses as this encourages them to wear them as recommended by our optometrists.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to handpick collections that we think tick all the boxes for children’s designer glasses and sunglasses, and that you won’t find anywhere else on the high street, including Very French Gangsters Eyewear and Little Paul & Joe Eyewear.

What Features Are Important in Children’s Designer Eyewear?

Children’s frames need to be carefully designed to fit small faces well. This is not just for comfort but also to ensure your child is looking through the right part of their lenses to get the full benefit of the vision correction they provide.

Frames also need to be able to withstand the active lives of children, with features such as flex hinges. Then, we come to the frame design. Just like adults, kids have eclectic tastes. Whether they have an interest in fashion or not, children develop their own sense of style at a fairly young age. As they grow and learn, they discover how they want to express themselves, and the glasses they choose are an important part of this.

This leads us back to Very French Gangsters and Little Paul & Joe Eyewear - two of our most popular children’s designer glasses and sunglasses brands!

Very French Gangsters Eyewear

You must admit, even the name of this designer collection is cool, so it’ll come as no surprise that they appeal to youngsters! Their varied glasses and sunglasses shapes and colours speak to different personalities and emotions, from ‘Very Dreamer’ and ‘Very Clever’ to ‘Very Lazy’ and ‘Very Happy’.

Made in France, where the brand was founded in 2012, the frames are created to the highest standard as acknowledged by the ‘Living Heritage Company’ label awarded by the French Government to recognise excellence in craftsmanship and innovation.

By using materials such as high quality Mazzucchelli cotton-derived cellulose acetate to create strong frames that take on colours and patterns beautifully, silicone tips for comfortable frame arms, as well as incorporating flex hinges to make frames durable, and polarized lenses for superior sun protection, Very French Gangsters is all about creating frames that meet every child’s need.

Little Paul & Joe Eyewear

Offering the same exceptional standards as renowned adult eyewear by Paul & Joe, Little Paul & Joe eyewear is specifically designed for 6 to 12 year olds.

Their glasses and sunglasses are playful yet understated - perfect for young people who want on-trend styles in sizes to fit smaller faces, and again, use high quality acetate, a variety of bold and cheerful colours, and flex hinges to create ‘grown up’ glasses that are perfectly adapted for children.

Browse the collections

Why not bring your kids along to visit our independent opticians in Cobham and have a complimentary frame styling consultation for these amazing eyewear collections? With such a diverse array of frames on offer, we’re certain your child will have fun trying on different shapes and find one that fits their visual and lifestyle needs, as well as their personal style preferences.

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