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Can Glasses Help To Relieve Digital Eye Strain Symptoms?

As screen time becomes an increasing fixture both at home and at work for adults, as well as in school for children, cases of digital eye strain are still on the rise.

A recent OnePoll survey of 1,000 families with children aged 3–8 years revealed that children, on average, spent nearly 4 hours a day looking at a screen, with 35% spending more than 5 hours a day.

Similarly, a study of 500 adults carried out by Research England found that half of respondents now look at screens for 11 hours or more a day, and more than a quarter look at screens for 14 hours or more a day.

So, what are the signs of digital eye strain, and what can you do about it?

Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

The demands digital screens place on your eyes can cause symptoms including:

● dry, itchy, or tired eyes

● blurred or double vision

● head, shoulder and/or neck aches

● difficulty focusing

● eye fatigue

Glasses That Relieve Digital Eye Strain

Thankfully, there are specially designed glasses lenses that can protect both adults and children against digital eye strain. These lenses provide:

● sharper vision

● improved contrast

● improved focus

● glare reduction

● increased comfort

We are proud to provide some of the very best lenses to combat digital eye strain, including Essilor Eyezen and Varilux Digitime. Here’s why these stand out to us, and our patients young and old:

Essilor Eyezen

Eyezen single vision lenses are specifically designed for looking at digital devices and use Dualoptim technology to deliver sharper vision than regular single vision lenses. Eyezen focus technology is used on the lower part of the lens which allow the eye to be relaxed when looking at screens. The eyezen focus boost enhances small characters and increases sharpness which in turn improves readability and the natural posture when using various devices. This technology is also paired with Blue-violet and UV light protection to eliminate eye strain when looking at screens.

While they correct myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism, even those who don’t have a prescription can benefit from wearing Eyezen lenses.

This revolutionary lens offers options for adult and children’s lenses, since visual needs change with age, making them perfect for anyone under 40.

Varilux Digitime

These varifocal lenses are designed for adults over 40 who regularly use digital devices, particularly smartphones. Varilux Digitime introduces a fourth zone in the lens called the Ultra Near Vision zone. This is an additional power below the near vision area of the lens that helps to increase sharpness and focus on small characters. These lenses help to maintain a more natural posture when using digital devices and other near and intermediate vision activities for ultimate comfort.

Contact Us about Digital Eye Strain

If you think you have digital eye strain,or you’re looking for children’s glasses for screen time, feel free to contact our independent opticians in Cobham where our lead optometrist, Sachin, will be happy to guide you on the best option for you or your child

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