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6 Signs You Need New Glasses

When was the last time you bought new glasses? Whether your prescription needs updating, or your old frames are starting to look tired, there are several signs that indicate it might be time to consider getting a new pair…

Have You Been Squinting?

Have you caught yourself squinting at your computer or smartphone screen? This could be a sign of digital eye strain. Staring at a screen all day does take its toll on your eyes, and new glasses with up-to-date lenses could help.

One of our patient’s favourites are Eyezen lenses, created specifically to help people under 40 to combat eye strain by providing sharper, more relaxed vision at all distances, as well as glare reduction.

For those of you who are over 40, our Varilux Digitime glasses lenses also provide great adjustment between different screen distances, as well as making it easier to read smaller fonts.


We all get headaches from time to time but if you’ve been having them more frequently, it could be a sign that your glasses prescription needs updating.

The first port of call is to arrange a comprehensive eye test in Cobham. At our practice we will check your vision and eye health to rule out any other potential issues. Once our optometrist establishes this, they can help you find a new set of prescription glasses.

Scratched Lenses

Your glasses take a lot of wear and tear over the years, and scratches on your lenses, however minute, can interfere with your vision. Lens materials and coatings are improving all the time, so investing in robust, anti-scratch glasses lenses for your new frames will help protect them in the future.

Old Lenses Not Performing Well

With the constant innovations in vision technology, glasses lenses can become outdated. For example, newer, more premium anti-reflection coatings are much more effective than older versions, including features like water repellence and UV protection, making them worth the investment in the long term.

Talk to us about our Crizal lens range and other lens types like advanced polarised lenses that are part and parcel of brands like Serengeti Eyewear – you might be surprised by the difference they can make to your visual experience.

Unfashionable, Outdated Frames

There’s a much broader range of styles available now than there was even 5 years ago, and our team are constantly on the lookout to further curate our unique collections to cater to your tastes, with brands that you won’t find elsewhere on the high street.

With a complimentary frame styling consultation available, why not come and let our experienced and passionate staff help you to find your perfect look and update your eyewear wardrobe?

Book an Eye Exam at Our Independent Opticians in Cobham

Most adults should have an eye exam every 2 years, or every year if our optometrist advises it. So, if you know you’re due or you think you might need new glasses, it’s definitely time to book an appointment and get your prescription checked before updating your glasses.

With the latest advanced equipment to check your eye health and vision, as well as our state of the art Visioffice X measuring device to factor in your unique eye anatomy and visual behaviour, getting new prescription glasses has never been easier.

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