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Optic neuritis is an eye condition that causes the optic nerve to become inflamed. It can result in some issues with your vision, however the condition normally clears up without treatment and shouldn’t cause any permanent vision loss.


Optic neuritis can affect your eyes in different ways, but it may present with one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Blurred Vision

  • Loss of Vision

  • Central Blind Spot

  • Poor Colour Vision

  • Phosphenes (light flashes when you move your eyes) 

  • Pain in your Eye


A version of the condition called acute demyelinating optic neuritis may also present with three characteristic symptoms:

  • Your vision may deteriorate significantly in one eye and can become worse as your body temperature rises from things such as physical exercise but shouldn’t cause problems in the long term. This is called Uhthoff’s Sign. 

  • You may experience pain around your eyes that gets worse when you make movements with your eyes. The pain may appear before your vision deteriorates or it may happen simultaneously.

  • Your colour vision may appear reduced or less bright, while some people may also see small flashes of light.


Treatment for optic neuritis can involve painkillers to manage any discomfort, but further treatment is not always required as people will normally recover their vision over time. It is however important to have follow up eye examinations with your Optometrist to ensure the condition is resolving.

In severe cases, steroid treatment may be recommended. 


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