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Astigmatism is usually caused when the cornea or lens is not quite the right shape. Most people who have astigmatism are born with it, however it is not known why it develops. To understand astigmatism and its effects, it is important to understand how the eye works.


Symptoms can include: 


  • Blurred or distorted near & far vision

  • Unclear peripheral vision

  • Difficulty distinguishing certain shapes & details

  • Inability to see clearly between horizontal & vertical lines

If untreated, astigmatism can cause:

  • Headaches

  • Eye strain

  • Reading difficulties

  • Fatigue, especially when doing tasks for long periods, i.e. computer work & reading

The symptoms of astigmatism can be mild and sometimes no treatment is needed to correct your eyesight.

In cases where the vision is being significantly affected by astigmatism, corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses) or laser eye surgery can be used to treat it - depending on the type you have (regular or irregular).


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